We now have in stock the complete Quad Z Series range of speakers. We have had the Z1 and Z2 for some time, and hugely impressive they are too, and we have have just received the floorstanding Z3 and Z4 speakers.

“After taking a new approach to ribbon tweeter design using a unique sandwich formation, an exceptionally robust, high power speaker has been engineered, yet with the delicate sound conventional ribbon speakers are known for. Z Series is housed beautifully curved piano lacquered cabinets, available in black, white and rosewood.

It was way back in the mono days of 1949 that Quad launched its first loudspeaker, the Corner Ribbon. This was, indeed, a prestige product, but it offered something special, a particularly clear and detailed upper mid-range to treble performance from a large and delicate ribbon driver.

The naturalness and fidelity of sound reproduction of the original corner ribbon was championed by the hi-fi press. So, the question is, can Quad engineers replicate this performance today, or even surpass it? the answer, not surprisingly, is yes.”

Z1 £1199
Z2 £1499
Z3 £2499
Z4 £3199

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